Example Application with Notes

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Example Application with Notes

Postby Pyro » Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:45 pm

Name / Age / Location
Ted / 24 / Calgary
Pretty straightforward, I don’t want your social security number, just the most basic stuff so I know something about you.

Unemployed, can be free whenever requested. Any future schedule can be fit to work with raids.
It’s helpful for me to know whether you’re employed, in college, etc. Try and include anything about your life that could result in you missing raids.

2500k @ 4.5GHz, GTX780 @ 1215MHz - http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3650453186 - http://www.pingtest.net/result/102753862.png
CPU & GPU are the only hardware I need to know about. If Austin TX isn’t available for the test, use somewhere close.

(Optional) Computer Skill Triathlon

- The build is modified frequently on a fight by fight basis, but that’s the most common build. Reaver/Decimate8/False Retreat/Preparation will all make appearances for the fights they’re needed on. AMP build may also shift into or . Currently have 2 AMP and 1 Ability Point.
Keep it as brief as you can, and try and collapse build links. I don’t want a paragraph discussing your class theory, just basic information about what you typically use in raid. We will discuss it further in the interview.

- – 4/12 Weapon Spec – 4/12 Protect Your Neck – 4/12 Shield Spec
Just need links, really basic information. Will be using this to compare with your logs.

UI & Keybinds
– Using Naga Hex, Sprint is Shift, Dash is NUM2, Interact is F, Floating Action Bar 1&2 are 5&6 – Using a very modified Grid for raidframe.
Try and give a UI link from raid combat if possible. I need to see all your binds, and the non-visible stuff needs to be listed. The first thing I usually check on this is ‘Does he still use 7 & 8, which usually ends in a deny if it’s the case.

Proof of Skill
http://www.wildstarlogs.com/guilds/9/ – If you guys request video I can get some, just haven’t recorded anything yet.
This is 90% of your app. Bring a link to something, or don’t app. A little bit of video can go a long way, about 10-20 minutes of combat is more than I need to see what I’m looking for. Logs generally need to be more extensive, I need to use averages. A single raid of logs doesn’t always have the information I need.

Guild History
Sad Sacks - Launch through GA, guide wasn't progressing at a rate i felt comfortable at so i moved on.
Less sad Sacks - Spin off of Sad sacks, guild progressed into DS but hit wall with roster boss and ultimately collasped.

MMO History
WoW – Played for around 7 years. GM/Raid Leader of Enigma(Deathwing) from start to end. PvPed a bit in TBC, best end-of-season ranking was #2 on Nightfall as Feral in 5s S3.
Do not make a wall of text. The shorter you can make this while including all the important information, the better. Don’t go listing the games you’ve played, only the games you were serious about. I’m looking for highlights, if anything at all. I often don’t read this at all, so don’t focus on it.

Favourite Colour

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