Recruitment Needs and Notes on Applying

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Recruitment Needs and Notes on Applying

Postby Humak » Sat Jun 20, 2015 9:31 am

Current Recruitment Needs
Updated September 28th, 2015

5-6 Players. Class/Role doesn't matter.

Our recruitment model has changed somewhat lately. We're running 3 Raids (with Alts) at the moment, and we have very flexible availability. What we need are capable Humans. What Class you play is of little importance, as long as you can execute.

Notes on Applying

  • Read the ‘About Us‘. If what we want doesn’t jive with what you want, turn back now.

  • Get your shit together before you apply. Mistakes/oversights on your build will make you look like a moron.

  • Every field on the application is absolutely required.

  • 90% of our decision is based on Logs/Recorded Video. Your app will not move forward unless you provide one or the other.

  • I don’t want your life story. The best application would answer all questions completely, in as few words as possible.

  • All applications threads are private. Only you and our members can read your application.

  • Check out the Example Application.

  • Be persistent. If 24 hours passes on your thread with no replies, feel free to ask what’s going on. If you ask us something in-game and we don’t reply, we’re probably AFK. Ask again in a few minutes.

  • Our Application process is going through an update. Application templates are to be filled out and submitted to Humak Via PM. If your application is serious it will be posted for the rest of the guild to see and ask questions.

Application Template:
Humak Daman - Medic
Humak Dawarrior
Humak DaEsper

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